Gabriel Fauré, Requiem

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November 2021

Gabriel Fauré’s Requiem has a serene approach to the theme of death. The music flows with a sense of peace and fulfillment even in the most dramatic passages. A fine and light orchestration supports the voices with delicacy and charm.Fauré himself gave this interpretation of his own work: "It has been said that myRequiemdoes not express the fear of death and someone has called it a lullaby of death. But it is thus that I see death: as a happy deliverance, an aspiration towards happiness above, rather than as a painful experience".The children choir “Musica Viva '' alongside the tenors and basses of St. Paul’s choir will give to this performance a particular pure sound bringing it closer to its original color.

The concert will be opened by César Franck’s Chorale n. 3 for organ, a true masterpiece of the romantic repertoire.

Program and cast

César Franck: Chorale n. 3 en La Majeur (Organ)

Gabriel Fauré: Requiem op. 48 for Soli, Choir, Organ and Orchestra

Children Choir Musica Viva

St.Paul’s Choir

Federico Vallini, organ

Antonio Rendina, conductor

St. Paul’s within the Walls Church

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