J. S. Bach – Christmas Oratorio

The Christmas Oratorio(in German Weihnachtsoratorium), whose original title isOratorium tempore nativitatis Christi(BWV 248), is one of the most famous and most performed sacred compositions by Johann Sebastian Bach.

In reality it is not a closed oratory but a cycle of six cantatas for the Christmas period of 1734/1735: Christmas days(25th, 26th and 27th December), the New Year's Day, the Sunday after New Year’s Day(2 January) and Epiphany (6 January).

The music of the Oratory was only partially composed ex-novo by Bach. The composer took some choirs and arias from the secular works he had previously composed, including the birthday cantatas for the Saxon reigning house, BWV 213, 214 and 215.

Program and cast

J. S. Bach: Christmas Oratorio

St. Paul’s Camerata

ResAltera Vocal Ensemble & Soloists

Conductor: Tom Hammond Davies

Music Ensemble:
3 trombe 2 oboi, 2 flauti, archi, clavicembalo, timpani

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December 2019

St. Paul’s within the Walls Church

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