Roma Swing Orchestra in Concert

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May 2023

The Jet-set, in the 50s and 60s, ironically indicated the international high society, accustomed to traveling by jet. Those were years when the airplane was a luxury. Years in which every girl wanted to be a stewardess and every man wanted to marry one. Those were the years when the crooners went crazy and in Las Vegas you could watch the Rat Pack show, i.e. Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra and Sammy Davis Jr with the Count Basie orchestra conducted by Quincy Jones. In the splendid setting of the Garbatella Theater in Rome, come and have fun and get excited with the amazing musicians of the ROMA SWING ORCHESTRA and the great Swing classics. Glen Miller, Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and all the greatest artists who have made the history of the most loved music of the golden years

Program and cast

Sax Contralto: Michele Bracheri
Sax Contralto: Valerio dei Negri
Sax Tenore: Roberto Petti
1° Tromba: Matteo Costanzi
2°Tromba: Emanuele Feliciani
Trombone: Stefano Coccia
Chitarra: Angelo Silvestri
Basso: Roberto Zamporlini
Batteria: Carlo Bordini
Pianoforte: Michele Petruccini
Voce Femminile: Clelia Liguori
Voce Maschile: Luigi Cecinelli

Ambra Garbatella Theater

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