The Creation

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May 2020

The Creation is an oratory in German by Franz Joseph Haydn. Composed between 1796 and 1798, it presents as its theme the Creation of the World as it is told in the books of Genesis, of the Psalms and in the poemParadise Lost by John Milton.

The Creation was composed for three solo voices (soprano, tenor and bass), four-voice choir (soprano, contralto, tenor and bass) and a large late classical orchestra.There are few doubtsthat Haydn wanted to obtain high volumes of sound, in fact between the first private and public performance Haydn inserted further instrumental parts in this work. As many as 120 instrumentalists and 60 singers were employed at the public premiere.

The three soloists represent archangels, who recount and comment on the six days of Creation: Gabriele (soprano), Uriel (tenor) and Raffaele (bass).

The choir is used in a series of monumental choral passages, some of which celebrate the end of the six days of Creation. The orchestra plays frequently without singing accompaniment, mainly in musically descriptive episodes: the rising of the sun, the creation of different animals and of course in the overture, there is the famous description of the chaos that precedes the Creation.

Program and cast


The Creation/La Creazione

Soloists prize-winners of the 1st Singing Competition Città di Roma

Elena Memoli, Soprano

Hun Kim, Tenore

Eon Sung Choi, Baritono

Coro da Camera Italiano

Conductor: Andreas Leisner

St. Paul’s within the Walls Church

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