The Four Seasons by A.Vivaldi

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The Four Seasons by A.Vivaldi

The Four Seasons is the best known of Antonio Vivaldi's compositions. In reality, these are four distinct concerts, written on the basis of as many sonnets by an unknown author and each inspired by a season of the year. They are part of work 8 "The trial of harmony and invention" .

The music describes the individual events of Spring step by step: birdsong, thunderstorm and in the final dance the solo violin represents a sleeping shepherd, the violas the barking of the faithful dog and the rustling leaves are played by other violins.

It is certainly the concert with the most descriptive effectiveness. The summer storm is the protagonist and you can hear it approaching in the summer heat and then bursting out in all its violence in the finale. The shepherd frightened by the sudden storm is described by the solo.

Here the protagonist is Bacchus. Vivaldi reproduces the symptoms of inebriation caused by wine in an incomparable way, while in the central movement, entitled the "Drunken Sleepers", one enjoys the dreamy and tranquil atmosphere of the after party. Finally, the third movement describes the frenetic rhythms of the hunt.

This concert, with pastoral tones, was conceived by Vivaldi to be performed in church, in fact the whole orchestra always plays almost "muted" as if not wanting to disturb the faithful gathered in prayer.

Program and cast

Italian Baroque Concert

Mauro Roveri

Giorgio Tentoni

“Spring”, op.8 n.1
Allegro – Spring is here

Largo - To the dear murmur of fronds and plants - The sleeping Goat

Allegro – Pastoral dance

“Summer” , op.8 n.2
Allegro non molto – Languor for the cheerful heat

Adagio – It takes its rest from the loose limbs

Presto – Impetuous summer weather

“Autumn” , op.8 n.3
Allegro – Dance and song of the villanelli

Adagio molto – Drunk sleepers

Allegro – The hunt

“Winter” , op.8 n.4
Allegro non molto – Aggiacciato tremar tra mi nevi algenti

Largo – Pass the quiet days to the fire

Allegro – Walking on the ice

All Saints' Anglican Church Rome

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