Teatro Massimo

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Golden stuccoes, wooden decorations, velvet and glass: the horseshoe-shaped auditorium hosts up to up to 1300 people in the stalls, five floors of boxes and a gallery. Acoustically perfect, it is dominated by the so-called "Symbolic wheel" that forms its ceiling. The wheel resembles a wide flower with eleven petals. Each of them is part of the original cooling system of the theatre, as they can be opened to let the hot air flow out. 

Beside the institutional musical events, the auditorium is the place of meetings, dinner and workshops.


Dimensions: 26,50 x 19,75 mt
SM. 450

How to reach the Teatro Massimo

The Teatro Massimo is located at the very centre of Palermo, in piazza Verdi.
It is a five-minute walk from Piazza Ruggero Settimo and the Capo open-air market, ten-minute walk from the Quattro canti, fifteen-minute walk from the central railway station, the harbour and the Cathedral.

By bus Take bus lines 102, 104, 107.
Taxis stop in Piazza Verdi
Parking areas close to the theatre: Piazzale Ungheria and piazzale Spinuzza.