Correale Museum of Terranova

Opera e lirica
Rome - Correale Museum of Terranova
Performances: Sa 13 Apr 2024, 21:00

The Correale Museum of Terranova is an archaeological museum and art gallery located in the centre of Sorrento. Inaugurated in 1924, the museum has 24 exhibition rooms, spread across the four floors of the eighteenth-century villa. It offers its visitors the incredible collection of paintings and portraits in the Neapolitan style of the Posillipo district, dating back from the XV to XIX Century, so as the precious porcelains shaped with the famous Capodimonte method.

The museum is one of the tourist highlights in Sorrento, and the Italian opera performed in this fascinating location is the perfect blend of art and emotion, culture and passion.

Address: via Correale 50, Sorrento (NA)


The Correale Museum of Terranova is located in the city center of Sorrento, at a 5-minute walking distance from Piazza Lauro and 10 minutes on foot from Piazza Tasso.